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Emma Watson Talks About The Dangers Of Social Media [VIDEO]


It is impossible not to recognize Emma Watson since she literally grew up in people's eyes from being Hermione in the Harry Potter series to Belle in Beauty and the Beast. It was surprising though that she was not keen on using social media, even talking about its dangers during a recent interview.

During her interview with Oscar-nominated actress Jessica Chastain on Interview, Watson talked about the importance of keeping your private life private even in the era of Facebook and Instagram.

She described social media as a minefield and that technology is moving so fast that people have a hard time grasping what privacy and having a life on social media really is. She also said that people are still finding rules how to behave or live their online lives. On the other hand, she added that although the Internet is a powerful force, it should be a force used to protect people rather than restrict the freedom.

In line with that, she mentioned once again why she is very protective of keeping her private life private adding that because her life is a public interest, she strives to have a private identity.

Even though she loves social media, she said, it can be a dangerous force when used in the wrong way, especially when it comes to attention. She said that people's attention is their most important resource. That is why she deleted her email app from her phone before her press tour of her recent film, "The Circle."

She added that social media is addictive and if people do not put boundaries they will find themselves being controlled by technology rather than the other way around.

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