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Google's Leading AI Scientist Disputes Dark Wanings Against Robots [VIDEO]


Google's leading artificial scientist Peter Norvig disputed what most leading minds predict about robots taking over the human race. He said that he is not a believer of the killer robot theory.

According to CNBC, Norvig said that he does not buy into the idea of robots becoming so smart that humans will lose control over them. This is very contrary to what Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking, and other well-known personalities who are predicting a darker future for the human race.

However, he added that there will be 'major disruptions in employment,' which has seen a lot of changes already. He added that these changes will continue and that this is what people should be prepared for.

The big question is how much impact does artificial intelligence have on jobs over the next decade. The manufacturing industry is already experiencing it but it will slowly affect the value chain changing or eliminating jobs in finance, media, and law.

Norvig said that these changes will be so fast and people should find ways how to get ready for that. He also added that although a lot of these jobs will be eliminated, new jobs will also be created because of the new technologies that will arise. In fact, he said, the opportunities are unimaginable.

He advised young people not to be scared nor should they abandon their career aspirations because of it. Instead, they should find something they love doing but also what people want and think deeply about it. People should be aware of these technologies and know how to apply them to whatever field they are interested in.

On the other hand, he advised that the rest of the society has an obligation to support those whose livelihoods will be greatly affected, even eliminated, that they will have difficulty adapting to the changes.

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