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Man sleeping

How Our Dreams Prepare Us to Face Our Fears

Nov 25, 2019 AM EST Researchers from UNIGE and HUG demonstrate how the fears we experience in our dreams prepare us to tackle anxiety-provoking situations once we're awake.

Intrinsically Photosensitive Retinal Ganglion Cell (ipRGC)

Babies In the Womb May See More Than We Thought

Nov 25, 2019 AM EST Light-sensitive cells in the immature retina are networked, suggesting a bigger role in developing the brain.

Women shopping

Buy Less, Be Happier and Build a Healthy Planet

Nov 23, 2019 AM EST You can do something about climate change -- and it will make you happy!

girl drinking coffee

New Study Confirms American Children And Teens are Consuming Significantly Less Sugary Drink

Nov 23, 2019 AM EST Although daily consumption a caloric intake of sugar-sweetened beverages have declined substantially over the past decade, American youth, including SNAP participants, still drink too many sugary ...

man holding his chest

Lack of Sleep May Explain Why Poor People Get More Heart Disease

Nov 22, 2019 AM EST Insufficient sleep is one reason why disadvantaged groups have more heart disease.

music concert

Music is Universal

Nov 22, 2019 AM EST Study establishes how some songs sound 'right' in different social contexts, all over the world

patagonian field

The Largest Non-Polar Glacier, Patagonian Ice Field in South America, is Melting Rapidly

Nov 21, 2019 AM EST Extending across the Chilean and Argentine frontiers is the Southern Patagonian Ice Field - one of Earth's largest non-polar glaciers. Sadly, it is now thinning out at an alarming rate perhaps due to ...


Research Finds Out How Noise or Total Silence Affects Working and Studying

Nov 20, 2019 AM EST While your personality and your brain's circuitry may have an effect, it mostly seems to affect the degree to which noise disturbs you. Most studies have found that everyone is better at completing ...

Home Remedies for Tired Legs using Essential Oil

Home Remedies: Essential Oils for Tired Legs

Nov 21, 2019 AM EST You can make your life more sustainable when suffering from RLS (restless legs syndrome). Set aside the hot compresses, heating pads and OTC pills, use essential oils instead.

How to Cure PCOS with Food Supplements

How to Cure Ovarian Cysts (PCOS) with Food Supplements

Nov 19, 2019 AM EST Polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS is a condition that affects numerous numbers of women. There is an abnormal level of hormones and male hormones are more dominant.

How Can I Prepare for Long-Term Care for My Father?

How Can I Prepare for Long-Term Care for My Father?

Nov 18, 2019 PM EST There is always the option of selling the family home or other real estate assets if your father has them. The sale of real estate can provide a significant amount of money for care, but again, care ...

How to Prepare Your Bedroom for a Goodnight Sleep this Winter

How to Prepare Your Bedroom for a Goodnight Sleep this Winter

Nov 18, 2019 AM EST How to Prepare Your Bedroom for a Goodnight Sleep this Winter. Have you noticed your changing sleep patterns during this season? Just like the summer heat, the winter cold can also make it more ...

dorm guy

Top 10 Amazon Products You Can Use While Living In A Dorm

Nov 18, 2019 AM EST Aside from school materials and electronic gadgets, a college student is also like any other working individual that needs personal stuff while living in a dormitory or apartment. See these great ...

Prof. Ryan Wade

Research Explores Impact of Racial Discrimination on Dating Websites for Gay, Bisexual Men

Nov 15, 2019 AM EST Race-based discrimination and stereotypes are ubiquitous in the online communities and mobile apps that gay and bisexual men use to search for sexual and romantic partners, research indicates.

The Best Long Term Care for Older Loved Ones

The Best Long Term Care for Older Loved Ones

Nov 14, 2019 PM EST As our parents age and they can no longer care for themselves, it can be stressful for the entire family. Sometimes we do not have the time or energy to give our loved ones the time they deserve, or ...

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