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The 3 Best Supplements For Safely Enhancing Performance

The 3 Best Supplements For Safely Enhancing Performance

Mar 09, 2020 AM EDT After doing a few simple Google searches, you've probably come across dozens of different supplements that are said to help with enhancing performance.

7 Pros and Cons of Getting Married In College

7 Pros and Cons of Getting Married In College

Feb 24, 2020 AM EST Logic (and your parents) may tell you that getting married in college isn't the best idea.

5 Ways Reasons to Sell Your Used Car In Chicago.

5 Ways Reasons to Sell Your Used Car In Chicago.

Feb 13, 2020 PM EST Small dents probably won't be too expensive to adjust and you may probably get a wide portion of the cashback once you sell it. The difference between "excellent" and "good" is abundant when somebody ...

The Decision to Drink and Drive: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

The Decision to Drink and Drive: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Jan 20, 2020 PM EST You've heard the "Don't drink and drive" motto since before you obtained a licence to operate a motor vehicle. In fact, it's so familiar that you don't even think about it.

Most interesting spot to visit in California

Most Interesting Spot to Visit in California

Jan 17, 2020 PM EST There are lots of amazing places around the world that one could visit but picking the right destination could be very hard, especially if one is traveling for the first time.


Be Fit in 2020 Using these Best Fitness Apps

Dec 18, 2019 AM EST When it comes to getting fit, everybody needs a little help. Fitness apps support you by reminding you of your goals.


Trivia: The Real History of How the Dollar Symbol Came to Being

Dec 13, 2019 AM EST Spanish coinage is the most widely accepted theory. As historians tell us, it has often been shortened to the initial' P' with a 'S' hovering in superscript next to it.

Woman Cooking

Advertising Continues to Assume Mothers Only Use Knowledge for Domestic Caring

Dec 11, 2019 AM EST Magazine adverts continue to tell mothers to put caring for their families front and centre - and encourage them to devote all their knowledge to protecting and caring for them rather than for their ...

Doctors and Politics

How Does Political News Affect Moods? New Study in Young Doctors Shows Real-time Effects

Dec 10, 2019 PM EST Major American political events of the last three years altered interns' moods, but non-political events didn't, signaling a politically aware generation of physicians.

woman doctor

Six High-risk Jobs for Women’s Heart Health

Dec 10, 2019 AM EST Women social workers, nurses, health care workers, and supermarket cashiers are likely to have worse heart health than women working in other professions, according to new research.

Computer care

Avoid Downloading These 5 Stuff That Clutter Your Computer Memory

Dec 10, 2019 AM EST Watch out for the 5 updates and downloadable stuff to keep the safety of your personal or work computer in good shape and great performance.


You Create Your Own False Information, Study Finds

Dec 09, 2019 AM EST People misremember numerical facts to fit their biases.

Hundreds of Boxes of Tomatoes in the Market

How Much Will We Eat in the Future?

Dec 06, 2019 AM EST Researchers at Göttingen University investigate the relationship between our body size and human global calorie demand

Man Deep in Thought

Controlling Attention with Brain Waves

Dec 05, 2019 AM EST Study shows that people can boost attention by manipulating their own alpha brain waves


'Going negative': How Trump has Changed the Twitter Narrative

Dec 04, 2019 AM EST If not for Twitter, US President Donald Trump would not be in the White House today.

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