Top 10 Amazon Products You Can Use While Living In A Dorm

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As a college student, you are not only faced with a shopping list that consists of notebooks, pens, books or a backpack. Aside from electronic gadgets used for studying or researching, a student is also like any other independent working individual that needs personal stuff while living in a dormitory or apartment.

Given the predicaments of a busy college life, here are some products from Amazon that you would need to conquer the day. For cheaper deals, you may check similar products in the special promo page for Black Friday.

1.       A pair of quick-drying sandals for the washroom and a seven-pocket caddy for the bath tub to bring inside a communal bathroom which is common in many dorms.

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2.       A lightweight and bendable LED book lamp so you can do some late night cramming in your bed. You can clip it on the pages of your book and carry it around.

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3.       A daily planner to help you keep track of tasks, to keep plans in order, and to achieve goals.

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4.       A white noise machine to help you sleep through the noisy parties in the vicinity.

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5.       A sleep mask and ear plug set to block out the light and the noise on a budget. Remember, a good night sleep is very important.

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6.       An insulated tumbler that comes with metal straws to keep your coffee hot or your juices cold.

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7.       A set of six clear storage bins to keep your blankets, coats and other stuff tidy under your bed.

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8.       A powerful, all-natural foot and shoe deodorizer to avoid any bad odor from ruining your day.

foot deodorizer
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9.       A portable charger with a built-in flash light that can charge one phone five times over. This is very handy when you are going around the campus or to any other places.

portable charger
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10.   A stylish storage ottoman bench to give your classmate a place to sit when she comes over and also to store your notebooks, phone chargers, or snacks that you want to hide from your roommate.

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When you live away from home, whether living in a university dorm or having your own aparment, these things will come handy for your convenience. Although, there might be other stuff that you need, these choices will remind you that sleeping comfortably, studying conveniently, overall hygiene and organizing your personal stuff is the key to making college life easier. 

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