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Computer care

Avoid Downloading These 5 Stuff That Clutter Your Computer Memory

Dec 10, 2019 AM EST Watch out for the 5 updates and downloadable stuff to keep the safety of your personal or work computer in good shape and great performance.


You Create Your Own False Information, Study Finds

Dec 09, 2019 AM EST People misremember numerical facts to fit their biases.

Hundreds of Boxes of Tomatoes in the Market

How Much Will We Eat in the Future?

Dec 06, 2019 AM EST Researchers at Göttingen University investigate the relationship between our body size and human global calorie demand

Man Deep in Thought

Controlling Attention with Brain Waves

Dec 05, 2019 AM EST Study shows that people can boost attention by manipulating their own alpha brain waves


'Going negative': How Trump has Changed the Twitter Narrative

Dec 04, 2019 AM EST If not for Twitter, US President Donald Trump would not be in the White House today.

Language board

How Does Language Emerge?

Dec 04, 2019 AM EST A new study provides insights into the first steps.

Imaging Reveals Pathways Behind Depression

Imaging Reveals Pathways Behind Depression

Dec 03, 2019 AM EST MRI illuminates abnormalities in the brains of people with depression, potentially opening the door to new and improved treatments for the disorder, according to two studies presented this week at the ...

Smiling Child

New Study Explores the Link Between Obesity and Gum Disease

Dec 03, 2019 AM EST CWRU School of Dental Medicine research suggests treating one may impact the other


Building a Better Breast with Eye-tracking Technology

Dec 03, 2019 AM EST New study may help to improve the results of cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery

People Worshipping

Frequency of Worship, not Location, Matters More When it Comes to Being Good Neighbors

Dec 03, 2019 AM EST A growing segment of Americans is traveling farther to worship, Baylor University study finds.

travel couple

Millennial Couple Retires Early, Travels Around the World Instead of Buying a Home

Dec 03, 2019 AM EST Shen and Leung found out that after a year of traveling around the world, it cost about the same as living in one location such as in a pricey city like New York.


Best 5 Android and iOS Apps You Can Use in Case of Emergency

Dec 03, 2019 AM EST Even though no one wants to think they're going to face an emergency, chances are you or someone you know will be in an urgent situation and might need help.

george washington

George Washington: Looking Back at How He Declared Thanksgiving Day and His Precious Items For Sale

Dec 02, 2019 AM EST President George Washington signed a proclamation calling for a National Day of Thanksgiving in October 1789, years before Americans made it into a national holiday.


Techniques on How to Finish Reading Books in Half the Time

Nov 28, 2019 AM EST However quick you are as a reader, you might have wished you could read even faster at some point in your life. You would often say, "so many books, yet so little time."

How To Make Natural Body Lotion for Sensitive Skin at Home

How To Make Natural Body Lotion for Sensitive Skin at Home

Nov 27, 2019 AM EST In making your own natural body lotion, you get to pick its aromatherapy oils and fragrances to make it really rich and useful. No preservatives added and no hazardous chemical is used.

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