'Gran Turismo Sport' VS 'Gran Turismo 6' Comparisons: GT Sport Graphics More Advanced [WATCH VIDEO]


"Gran Turismo" racing enthusiasts may be happy to know that GT Sport has better graphics for being a PS4 exclusive game. A video comparing the game play and graphics between "Gran Turismo Sport" and GT 6 was uploaded on the net and fans were able to clearly see the difference between the two games.

"Gran Turismo Sport" Looks Way Better

In the video comparison, anyone with an eye can tell how much GT Sport looks better compared to "Gran Turismo 6." However, the comparison didn't faze the fans as they have been clamoring for better graphics since the release of GT 6 in 2013.

The GT Sport footage is not final as game maker Polyphony Digital is still developing it. The outcome may be a little different, if not better than what the gameplay revealed. However, fans won't be able to know until its release in November 15 (North America) and November 18 (Europe). The gaming company has decided that they won't release a beta testing for the PS4-exclusive racing game so there is no way of knowing until then. GT Sport will be launched to be PlayStation VR capable as well, PlayStation Lifestyle reported.

What's Inside "Gran Turismo Sport"

Aside from racing, one of the defining highlights of the "Gran Turismo" series is the ability to browse and peruse a vast selection of cars ranging from hundreds to a thousand. However, GT Sport will only have 140 cars that players can choose from. Furthermore, there will be only 19 tracks that players can practice their virtual driving skills on, Auto Week shared.

Additionally, GT Sport players can take part in an online racing series acknowledged by the FIA. Players can play against other racers online to win the "Nations Cup" or the "Manufacturer Fan Cup." "Grant Turismo Sport" winners can actually receive prizes at an FIA awards ceremony.

As to why GT Sport has taken a large amount of cut in cars and tracks, it could be explained in a new feature they added back in. "Scapes" will allow "Gran Turismo Sport" players to photograph any of 140 cars in various backdrops.

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