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'Resident Evil 7' News & Release Date: Capcom to Announce Game at E3 2016; Zombie Shooter Game To Be More Horrific + VR? [RUMORS]


The "Resident Evil" franchise has definitely lost its appeal in the current releases. However, fans may be excited to know that "Resident Evil 7" may be given a horror makeover where the plot and zombies will be scarier than ever. It is rumored that Capcom will be unveiling the zombie shooting game at this year's E3 event.

"Resident Evil 7" To Be Introduced By Capcom at E3 2016?

The probability of "Resident Evil 7 being at Capcom's panel next month at the E3 event is highly likely. Dr. Serkan Toto, an insider revealed that Capcom has developed the game. Toto has a pretty remarkable track record for predicting things like these.

"Resident Evil 7" Horror Reboot + PT Coming?

Additionally, the Japanese analyst Toto added that "Resident Evil 7" elements will be made scarier and horrific than the last releases. He explains that Capcom has hired MGS V designer and playable trailer (PT) developer Jordan Amaro from Kojima Productions, Tech Times noted.

"Resident Evil 7" Getting a VR Version?

With the popularity of VR gaming, streaming and apps, it is possible that "Resident Evil 7" may get a VR treatment. Capcom has made VR horror games before and they may be doing the same for "Resident Evil 7" to give a nod to its horror origins as it was known to be via the first few titles of the game, Games Radar shared. Furthermore, the E3 2016 event will revolve heavily around VR technology so there is a big chance that Capcom will go with the theme.

With just a few weeks before E3 2016, Capcom has not released any official announcements on "Resident Evil 7." All of these speculations will remain as is if there is no news about the game in the next few days. Do you think "Resident Evil 7" will have PT and a VR version? Let us know in the comments below.

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