Robotics News: Deakin University, Telstra Invent Remote Ultrasound Technology; Distant Digital Examinations Possible in the Future


In the latest news in robotics technology, Deakin University in partnership with Telstra was able to develop a new ultrasound technology that makes distant digital examination possible in the future. Furthermore, the new ultrasound robotics technology gives distant operators a "sense of touch" which can improve accuracy when doing the examination.

Operator-Free Ultrasound Examination

Deakin University in collaboration with Telstra invented a new robotics technology that makes digital ultrasound possible even from a considerable distance. The haptically-enabled robotics (HER) ultrasound technology uses haptics and robotics to provide examiners force feedback to help them remotely monitor patients even when they're miles away from the examination area.

Patients can provide immediate feedback as to where the part of their body hurts when being probed by the HER robotics. The haptics give the medical examiners a sense of virtual touch allowing them to make the ultrasound examination as accurate as if they were with the patient personally.

Furthermore, the HER remote ultrasound technology has 3D vision and two-way audio visual communications. This will allow medical staff and patients to communicate. Additionally, the HER technology can be operated from a distance of up to 1000 kilometers. This means that the ultrasound robotics device can be used in remote areas while staying in a main center to examine patients, IT News reported.

World's First Remote Ultrasound Technology

The HER remote ultrasound technology can be used to evaluate a patient's organs including liver, gallblader, kidneys, spleen, pancreas and blood vessels. With Telstra's 4G wireless network, the HER ultrasound robotics technology will be able to operate remotely, EFTM shared. The system was tested in parts of Australia where it was successful.

The HER remote ultrasound technology can be used in other ways. Due to its ability to being able to operate on patients remotely, the robotics technology can also be used to examine patients with infectious diseases and other sorts of clinical trials, ABC shared.

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