Nintendo NX Release Date: Home Console to Compete Against Sony PlayStation 4.5 and Microsoft Xbox Two; Hybrid Console to Have VR?


Sony's Playstation console and Microsoft's Xbox are the two biggest competitors in the console field and it seems Nintendo is joining the fray. Nintendo plans to release the mysterious Nintendo NX but instead only one, the Japanese company is planning to release two versions, according to rumors.

Nintendo NX Contender for Sony PlayStation 4.5 and Microsoft Xbox Two

Nintendo has yet to release an official statement about the NX but rumors on the internet are exciting the fans because it will be unlike anything seen before on a console. Sony is planning to release PlayStation 4.5, the same goes for Microsoft with their Xbox Two, Design & Trend reported. The Nintendo NX will allegedly trump whatever the former companies have to offer as there are talks of it being home and hybrid consoles.

Nintendo CEO Tatsumi Kimishima even said that the NX will gather large sales for what they have to offer. However, as far as the rumors go, Kimishima said that the Nintendo NX is not the successor of the Wii U or the 3DS but rather a whole new playing experience for gamers, Express noted.

Nintendo NX To Release Home and Hybrid Consoles + VR?

As for the rumors of Nintendo NX being a hybrid system, Value Walk shared that it could be a next-generation console that has an independent handheld system. This means that the Nintendo NX could possibly be made up of two elements where players can use it with the two and the handheld independently of the other.

The Microsoft Xbox One currently supports Oculus Rift. Sony PlayStation is planning to integrate virtual reality in their gaming systems. This could mean Nintendo has stepped up their game and already incorporated VR capabilities in the NX. However, these will remain speculation as the Japanese company has not released any official statement.

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