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'Dragon Ball Super' News: Future Trunks Arc Coming in June; Is He Destined to Defeat Black Goku as Super Saiyan God? [RUMORS]


Fans have a lot to expect in the upcoming season of "Dragon Ball Super" as the last season has built up the events for the return of Future Trunks in the anime series.

According to reports, season four Future Trunks arc will air on June 12, next month. While we know Future Trunks will be returning, will he fight Black Goku with his status as a Super Saiyan God?

Future Trunks Arc and Super Saiyan God Trunks

Movie News Guide points out that Future Trunks has already surpassed Super Saiyan status and that he might already achieve Super Saiyan 2 in "Dragon Ball Z." If adult Trunks were to surpass that, he would become a Super Saiyan God. Reports say that if Trunks would become a Super Saiyan God, he would have a chance at defeating Black Goku. However, what does that make of current Goku and his friends in the series?

"Dragon Ball Z" creator Akira Toriyama revealed himself that the series will return next month, Yibada noted. Toriyama also revealed the character design of Future Trunks. It is not known if Future Trunks will have blue hair during the start of the arc or it indicates that his hair turn blue when he changes achieves Super Saiyan God status.

Threat of Black Goku and Who is He

Taking the clue from his name, Black Goku seems to be the evil opposite of Goku in "Dragon Ball Super". There are many questions that surround this mysterious persona but it would seem like Black Goku is from a parallel universe, Design & Trend reported.

His mission, intention and true persona still remains a mystery and maybe the fourth season of "Dragon Ball Super" can provide answers for that. However, it looks like Black Goku would be a formidable foe for Goku and his friends because in Future Trunks' present, he is a god of destruction. Due to Black Goku's god status, it would seem like present Goku and Future Trunks may have to join forces to defeat him.

What do you think of all these speculations for the upcoming season of "Dragon Ball Super?" Are you enthusiastic for the Future Trunks arc and the inevitable fight with Black Goku? Let us know in the comments below.

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