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Finding the Best Voice Recorder to use in College Classes

Finding the Best Voice Recorder to Use in College Classes

Dec 12, 2019 AM EST Recording class discussions can give a student another chance to write the notes. There are many available voice recorders in different stores that can help a student to record the class lectures. But ...


How to Stop Companies from Knowing Your Location by Changing Your Phone Privacy Settings

Dec 12, 2019 AM EST Data is capital for big tech firms. Their aim is to gather as much information about you as they can, and to do as much as we can, there is no surefire way to completely shut them out.

Computer care

Avoid Downloading These 5 Stuff That Clutter Your Computer Memory

Dec 10, 2019 AM EST Watch out for the 5 updates and downloadable stuff to keep the safety of your personal or work computer in good shape and great performance.


Facebook’s New App ‘Viewpoints’ Pays You to Answer ‘Well-Being’ Surveys

Dec 10, 2019 AM EST Facebook users currently have access to a single survey form which takes 15 minutes to complete and costs $5 each.

Jeff Bezos

Amazon CEO Hits Department of Defense for Giving Tech Deal to Microsoft

Dec 09, 2019 AM EST Given Google's decision not to renew its contract with the US, Bezos may have issued a warning that the Department of Defense’s drone project with Google sparked criticism from its employees.

Why Using a Modern B2B Integration Solution is Deemed Necessary

Why Using a Modern B2B Integration Solution is Deemed Necessary

Dec 06, 2019 AM EST In today's digitally-connected world, businesses need to connect and communicate quickly and reliably across their ecosystem.

laptop table

Working With Your Laptop in Bed? Here Are a Few of Amazon's Best-rated Bed Laptop Tables

Dec 06, 2019 AM EST Whether you are working from home during the day or browsing the internet before bedtime, you would want to use your laptop lying down and be comfortable in bed, especially this winter season.

messaging apps

Facebook Messenger Gets Simplified, Compatible With High 4K Resolution Photos

Dec 05, 2019 AM EST Messenger on Facebook will surely get a makeover. Facebook Messenger Head Davis Marcus revealed in an official blog post that the app had "become too cluttered" and would need to be simplified.


Disney+, Apple and Other Streaming Services Face Uphill Battle With Netflix

Dec 05, 2019 AM EST Studies reveal that when it comes to building brand awareness, Disney and Apple will face an uphill battle with Netflix.


Best 5 Android and iOS Apps You Can Use in Case of Emergency

Dec 03, 2019 AM EST Even though no one wants to think they're going to face an emergency, chances are you or someone you know will be in an urgent situation and might need help.

mesh signals

The Future is at Hand: Finland to Host the First-Ever 6G Wireless Summit in March 2020

Nov 28, 2019 AM EST The next generation wireless connection, tagged as 6G, is expected to arrive in 2030, and the bright minds in northern Finland are all brewing with new ideas and tech innovations that will blow the ...

Rolex Watch

Get Rolex Explorer Watches Online with 24/7 Service

Nov 26, 2019 PM EST Do you like to wear a Rolex explorer watch? Buy it from an online recommended source and get it from fast and prompt responding service. There are many types of watch brands and styles in luxury style ...


Alarming Tension Between China and the US over AI Technology Rises, Analysts Agree

Nov 26, 2019 AM EST China is betting on AI and investing in AI and deploying AI on a scale that no other country is currently doing. The country has announced billions in start-up funding, launched programs to woo ...

Best Tweaked App Stores for iOS

Best Tweaked App Stores for iOS

Nov 24, 2019 PM EST Mobile Application is being developed mainly to attract smartphone users. The real use of applications in mobile devices is such as enterprise digital assistants, personal digital assistants or mobile ...


Smart Gadgets on Amazon That are Compatible With Your Smartphones

Nov 21, 2019 AM EST Since we all love something compatible with our smartphones, we've gathered a couple of smart devices that can be coordinated with it to make you more efficient.

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