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Rolex Watch

Get Rolex Explorer Watches Online with 24/7 Service

Nov 26, 2019 PM EST Do you like to wear a Rolex explorer watch? Buy it from an online recommended source and get it from fast and prompt responding service. There are many types of watch brands and styles in luxury style ...


Alarming Tension Between China and the US over AI Technology Rises, Analysts Agree

Nov 26, 2019 AM EST China is betting on AI and investing in AI and deploying AI on a scale that no other country is currently doing. The country has announced billions in start-up funding, launched programs to woo ...

Best Tweaked App Stores for iOS

Best Tweaked App Stores for iOS

Nov 24, 2019 PM EST Mobile Application is being developed mainly to attract smartphone users. The real use of applications in mobile devices is such as enterprise digital assistants, personal digital assistants or mobile ...


Smart Gadgets on Amazon That are Compatible With Your Smartphones

Nov 21, 2019 AM EST Since we all love something compatible with our smartphones, we've gathered a couple of smart devices that can be coordinated with it to make you more efficient.

Designer Babies: Genetically Edited Humans

Designer Babies: Genetically-Edited Human is Now a Thing

Nov 21, 2019 AM EST Scientists stated their side against the viewpoint of producing engineered embryos or simply known as “designer babies”.

Trash talking robot

Trash Talk Hurts, Even When It Comes From a Robot

Nov 19, 2019 AM EST Discouraging words from machines impair human game play.

Fitbit ionic watch

Iowa Man Claims Fitness Tracker Burned His Wrist, Fitbit Company Disagrees

Nov 19, 2019 AM EST An Iowa man says his Fitbit Ionic watch began to 'burn up' in the middle of the night and left him with third-degree burns on his wrist.

InventHelp: Making Inventors’ Dreams a Reality

InventHelp: Making Inventors’ Dreams a Reality

Nov 18, 2019 AM EST Over the decades, there have been many great inventions that we cannot imagine living without these days. More recently, we have seen a lot of tech inventions that have helped to revolutionize the way ...

Tesla autonomous car

Researchers Bring Gaming to Autonomous Vehicles

Nov 18, 2019 AM EST Researchers have designed multiplayer games occupants of autonomous vehicles can play with other players in nearby self-driving cars.

Freddie Figgers

Abandoned Baby Grew Up to Become the CEO of $62M Company

Nov 14, 2019 AM EST Freddie Figgers was abandoned in a dumpster by his biological mother in Quincy, Florida when he was a baby. He was adopted by Nathan and Betty Figgers when he was just 2 days old and he grew up to ...


Disney+ Signed Up More Than 10 Million Subscribers On Its First Day

Nov 14, 2019 AM EST During the first day of its broad international release, Disney signed up 10 million subscribers on Wednesday's launch for its Disney+ streaming services.


Amazing Amazon Deals: Fitness Watches Now Available for Less than $100

Nov 13, 2019 AM EST High-end fitness trackers cost a pretty amount of money. Here are our top 5 choices that might help you end the search and have that watch delivered. These are below $100 too!

4 Product Manager Skills That Are Essential for Working in Tech

4 Product Manager Skills That Are Essential for Working in Tech

Nov 11, 2019 PM EST What does it take to become a product manager? It's more involved than you may think. Here are some essential product manager skills to master.

Precious cargo

Scientists Develop Sensor to Save children, Pets Left in Vehicles

Nov 11, 2019 AM EST A small, inexpensive sensor could save lives by triggering an alarm when children or pets are left alone in vehicles.

lunar rocket

Boeing's Commercial Flights to the Moon Now in Testing Phase

Nov 11, 2019 AM EST The White House and Boeing want to return humans to the Moon by 2024. Hopefully, through commercial flights that would bring ordinary citizens to explore Planet Earth's closest neighbor.

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