Smart Gadgets on Amazon That are Compatible With Your Smartphones

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Over the years, Amazon has become a staple of the college community. College students fell in love with Amazon's cheap products and quick delivery. For college students, Amazon offers a variety of items. And since we all love something compatible with our smartphones, we've gathered a couple of smart devices that can be coordinated with it to make you more efficient.

1.       Smart Backpack

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Finally, engineering made its way to backpacks and it was worth the wait. While the backpack doesn't look different, it comes with a range of features that you won't find on any other backpack.

This backpack is equipped with a USB port that keeps your phone charged. You'll be amazed by the number of pockets and storage space in this backpack. It also comes with hidden pockets that will keep your stuff safe from robbers.

2.       Smart Journal

smart journal
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For any college student who wants to graduate with a decent GPA, this is a must-have. This smart notebook will help you stay organized by allowing you to blast your notes on cloud services such as Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, OneNote and many more.

There are 32 usable pages on the smart notebook and one pen to get you started. Since the pages can be recycled, this one notebook can be used each semester.

3.       Smart Mini Projector

mini projector
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Bring out with you a big screen. Get the experience with this mini projector in the home cinema. It is compatible with Amazon's fire stick for smartphones, laptops, and tablets. All you need to set is your phone, a USB cable, a mini projector, and you're going to be fine to go.

4.       Smart Portable HP Printer

sprocket printer
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You can print pictures wherever and whenever. Ever see a picture on social media or the gallery of your camera and wish you could instantly have it in your hand? You can do just that with the sprocket printer. Just connect your social media accounts to the free HP Sprocket app and you can start printing those incredible photos instantly.

5.       Smart iClever Power Strip

power strip
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Never run out of outlets again for all your gadgets. It seems like there are never enough outlets in college dorm rooms.  Skip on the hassle of determining whether to unplug your lamp because you need to charge your phone.  This multi-purpose power strip comes with 6 plug outlets and 6 USB ports to make it easy for you to simultaneously plug in your phone, lamp, TV, laptop and other phones.

We are all slaves to our smart phone. That is both a sad and a delightful fact. So all of these items are really something you might want to add in your Amazon shopping cart. College life will be so much fun and easier, don't you think?

Amazon is also offering a wide variety of great deals for students. Be an Amazon Prime Student member to enjoy the perks like free shipping and big discounts. Black Friday is also around the corner, so hurry and get to the Happy Holideals page now.

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