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USCIS Grants: What You Need to Know

Jul 01, 2019 PM EDT In 2018, the U.S. Customs and Immigration Service (USCIS) announced a grant program that offers up to $10 million for citizen preparation programs across the country. These agencies help lawful ...

The Rise of ‘Pedextrians’ and Accidents Involving Distracted Walkers

Jul 01, 2019 PM EDT Distracted driving has received more than its fair share of media attention – and rightfully so – but texting and smartphone use has created another growing problem: distracted walking. Known as ...

Seeing Around Corners (IMAGE)

Researchers See Around Corners to Detect Object Shapes

Jun 19, 2019 PM EDT PITTSBURGH--Computer vision researchers have demonstrated they can use special light sources and sensors to see around corners or through gauzy filters, enabling them to reconstruct the shapes of ...

Standford University

Stanford Engineers Develop a More Stable, Efficient Prosthetic Foot

May 31, 2019 AM EDT Taking on a hiking trail or a cobblestone street with a prosthetic leg is a risky proposition - it's possible, but even in relatively easy terrain, people who use prostheses to walk are more likely to ...

Augmented Reality Photo (IMAGE)

New Stanford Research Examines How Augmented Reality Affects People's Behavior

May 22, 2019 AM EDT As major technology firms race to roll out augmented reality products, Stanford researchers are learning how it affects people's behavior - in both the physical world and a digitally enhanced one.

New Flying/Driving Robot Developed at Ben-Gurion University (IMAGE)

New Flying/driving Robot Developed at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

May 20, 2019 AM EDT BEER-SHEVA...May 20, 2019 - The first experimental robot drone that flies like a typical quadcopter, drives on tough terrain and squeezes into tight spaces using the same motors, has been developed by ...

Self-Repairing Batteries Would Have Longer Lifetimes than Batteries at Present (IMAGE)

Self-repairing Batteries

May 16, 2019 AM EDT Engineers at the University of Tokyo continually pioneer new ways to improve battery technology. Professor Atsuo Yamada and his team recently developed a material which could significantly extend the ...

What you can and can't do with a VPN

May 09, 2019 PM EDT What you can and can't do with a VPN

Sound Spotlight (IMAGE)

Academics Show How to Create a Spotlight of Sound with LEGO-like Bricks

May 07, 2019 AM EDT Academics have created devices capable of manipulating sound in the same way as light - creating exciting new opportunities in entertainment and public communication.

Reshuffler (IMAGE)

The Power of Randomization: Magnetic Skyrmions for Novel Computer Technology

May 06, 2019 PM EDT Researchers at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) have succeeded in developing a key constituent of a novel unconventional computing concept. This constituent employs the same magnetic ...

Array (IMAGE)

Stanford Researchers' Artificial Synapse is Fast, Efficient and Durable

May 04, 2019 AM EDT The brain's capacity for simultaneously learning and memorizing large amounts of information while requiring little energy has inspired an entire field to pursue brain-like - or neuromorphic - ...

Schools option of using Solar Panels

What Happens When Schools Go Solar?

May 03, 2019 AM EDT Sunshine splashing onto school rooftops and campuses across the country is an untapped resource that could help shrink electricity bills, new research suggests.

How Tech Firms Are Fighting Anti-Vaxxers

Apr 05, 2019 AM EDT Here’s how tech firms are fighting against anti-vaxxers, why such efforts were needed in the first place, and how the harmful anti-vax movement is costing children around the country their wellness ...

Thomas Pryor Demo

Two Undergraduates Develop Gloves that Can Translate Sign Language Into Text or Speech

Aug 08, 2018 AM EDT Two Undergraduates Develop Gloves that Can Translate Sign Language Into Text or Speech

How technology is changing how we teach English?

How technology is changing how we teach English?

Aug 01, 2018 PM EDT How technology is changing how we teach English?

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