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amazon gadgets

Amazon's 2019 Black Friday Deals - 5 Unique Gadgets On Sale!

Nov 11, 2019 AM EST Almost two weeks away 'til Black Friday and Amazon has just released the full list of their smart devices and electronics deals - including favorites like Echo smart speakers and Fire tablets.

Decongest Wireless IoT

No More Traffic Blues for Information Transfer: Decongesting Wireless Channels

Nov 08, 2019 AM EST A machine-learning algorithm can help select the best channel for communication over a wireless network of resource-constrained devices

Child interacting with robot

Robots Can Learn How to Support Teachers in Class Sessions

Oct 24, 2019 AM EDT Robots can take just three hours to successfully learn techniques that can be used to support teachers in a classroom environment, according to new research.


Google Claims Top Spot in Tech Supremacy Race with New "Quantum Computer"

Oct 24, 2019 AM EDT Google announced that it has created a machine that needs only 200 seconds to solve a problem. The speed achieved by the computer represents a breakthrough called "quantum supremacy."


First Ever Race Competition of AI-Powered Drones To Debut This Fall

Oct 21, 2019 PM EDT Drones have been used for aerial photography, military surveillance, military weaponry, and even for shipment and delivery of lightweight items. Now, innovators have turned drones into sporting ...


California Launches First Statewide Earthquake Early Warning System with Smartphone App

Oct 21, 2019 AM EDT Following the many earthquakes happening around the Pacific Ring of Fire, California Governor's Office of Emergency Services launched a new earthquake early warning system that uses an app to alert ...

artificial skin

Biologically Inspired Skin Improves Robots' Sensory Abilities

Oct 11, 2019 AM EDT Inspired by human skin, a team at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) has developed a system combining artificial skin with control algorithms and used it to create the first autonomous humanoid ...

Instagram App

Instagram Dark Mode Support for iOS 13 is Here

Oct 09, 2019 PM EDT Instagram has now a Dark mode support for its iPhone iOS 13 users and it seems to have gained a lot of praises in social media platforms. The dark mode option is not only good for your eyesight, it ...

facial recognition software

Google’s Field Research Suspended Due To Controversial Methods

Oct 07, 2019 AM EDT Every scan was worth $5 and that was where all the controversy surrounding the research began.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality may be the Most Effective Next Generation Learning Platform for Health Professionals

Oct 07, 2019 AM EDT The simulated experience may have been created for entertainment, but new studies show it may help foster learning in the health profession.

Learning Institutions Worldwide Launch eSports Degree Programs

Oct 07, 2019 AM EDT From merely a form of entertainment, the Esports industry evolved and developed into an acceptable curriculum that is now being offered by numerous colleges and universities. Find out which countries ...

Apps That Can Help You Find True Love

Apps That Can Help You Find True Love

Sep 09, 2019 PM EDT We are all looking for love, and sometimes we find it easier than others do. Unfortunately, it is no secret that finding the perfect love is almost impossible. Of course, that does not mean there ...

van der Waals BSCCO Device (IMAGE)

Confirmation of Old Theory Leads to New Breakthrough in Superconductor Science

Jun 28, 2019 PM EDT Phase transitions occur when a substance changes from a solid, liquid or gaseous state to a different state -- like ice melting or vapor condensing. During these phase transitions, there is a point at ...

Schematic of the Contingency Conditions (Figure 1) (IMAGE)

Do you Feel the Other Closer to you When She/He Contingently Responds to Your Action?

Jun 27, 2019 AM EDT Professor Atsushi Sato of the University of Toyama and Ai Matsuo, a researcher at The Open University of Japan, in cooperation with Professor Michiteru Kitazaki of the Toyohashi University of ...

Driving Laws at the House

How Parents Can Enforce Driving Laws in Their Homes

Jul 06, 2019 PM EDT Parents should be enforcing driving laws on their teenagers, but statistics show that parents often fail in these duties. Studies show that 25% of parents in the US don’t enforce driving laws on ...

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