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MInecraft And Science: How College Students Learn Chemistry By Playing The Game

Feb 20, 2017 AM EST A study by the University of Texas at Dallas has found how college students can learn chemistry by playing the popular game Minecraft.

College Students Display Power And Creativity Of Software Systems At Hopkins Hackathon

Feb 20, 2017 AM EST College students from different schools across the US have gathered to display their skills in software systems at a Hopkins Hackathon event.

Speak Your Mind: One Way For College Students To Make The Most Of Their Internship

Feb 18, 2017 AM EST Here's how students can make the most of their internships by finding their voice and using their ability to speak their minds.

A Website That Provides Job-Hunting Solutions For College Students

Feb 16, 2017 AM EST A new website was launched February 7, to help college graduates find the career that suits them best.

College Students Make Handcrafted Copper Roses; A Lifetime Valentine’s Day Gift

Feb 15, 2017 AM EST Honolulu Community College students made handcrafted roses made of copper which they sold on Valentine's Day to raise funds for their program.

E-cigarette Use Among College Students Is linked To Depression, Study Finds

Feb 15, 2017 AM EST Study suggests that depression is linked to college students' use of e-cigarettes.

Betsy DeVos’ Confirmation As Education Secretary Draws Fears From College Students

Feb 15, 2017 AM EST College students begin to fear and worry about having Betsy DeVos as the new Education Secretary due to many issues that may not be addressed including campus sexual assault.

How College Students Can Benefit From Character Education

Feb 14, 2017 AM EST Here is the reason why character education is important to college students.

College Students to Tackle Global Issues in National Model UN Conferences

Feb 10, 2017 PM EST The National Model United Nations is an annual gathering of college students and faculty members. It has several schedules and venues such as New York, DC, Canada and Galapagos.

Money Resolutions Every College Student Should Make

Feb 10, 2017 AM EST Here are some of the financial resolutions that every college student should follow.

Working College Students: The Effects of Struggling to Balance Work and School

Feb 08, 2017 AM EST Balancing college and work can be a real struggle and here's how it affects college students.

How College Students Can Start Business Investments Before Graduating

Feb 07, 2017 AM EST Here are some tips on how college students can start investing for the long term.

Biggest Career Mistakes College Graduates Should Avoid Making

Feb 04, 2017 AM EST Here are some of the biggest mistakes many college graduates should avoid making.

Fake News: How it Affects Students Like You

Jan 31, 2017 PM EST While the spread of fake news around social media is a real problem, here is how it actually affects college students like you.

\Why College Students Should Understand The Importantance Entrepreneurship

Jan 28, 2017 AM EST Here are the reasons why it is important to encourage and promote entrepreneurship among college students.

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