How Modern Technology Is Used By College Students To Cheat in Exams [Video]


The growth of technology making the transfer of information a lot easier has paved the way for more students t cheat especially during exams. From high tech equipment or tools to printing product labels with answers or formula, the methods used in cheating has just become more sophisticated and a lot difficult to detect.

There are just many, mischievous ways by which students cheat in exams and that is why more college students are inclined to do it. The Guardian obtained data through freedom of information requests and found that cheating cases involving the use of technology have increased by 42 percent over the last four years.

The study involved UK university students and the worst offenders were found to be the students from Queen Mary University of London, where two thirds used technology out of the 54 instances of cheating. According to the experts, the numbers are expected to be higher because of the high technology used in today's gadgets and devices which makes it harder for the cheating act to be caught.

There are also several websites that target students with the devices that can be used for cheating. Aside from these tools that are just readily available online, there are also other ways by which students outwit the examination process according to the Daily Mail.

Teachers have revealed that some students use wrap of the water bottle where they can write notes and answers inside, and smart watches are being used to look up answers. Some students also use invisible earphones. Some also have glasses with wireless cameras embedded in the frames. What these cameras do is transmit images to a group of people who send them answers to the test through their smart watches.

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