Graduate Record Examination: What College Students Pursuing A Master's Need to Know

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Many students who finish college have other higher education goals instead of proceeding to looking for a job and finding a career right away. That is where graduate school comes in.

For those who have plans of entering graduate school, they will have to take the Graduate Record Examination which serves as the admission test. And according to Peterson's, this exam s similar to SAT and ACT where a student's critical thinking, verbal reasoning, analytical thinking and quantitative reasoning skills are being assessed. All these skills are the ones that a student is expected to have developed over the course of many years while they were in college.

According to Dennis Yim, a GRE and GMAT instructor with Kaplan Test Prep, the student's test score will be the one to determine how much merit they will be receiving, USA Today College reported. This is the reason why this test is very essential.

The first section of the GRE is the two essays section where the takes is being asked a prompt and is required to build an argument around that prompt. Next is the analysis of an argument essay where students are given an argument which lacks an evidence and what they need to do is to point out why the argument is wrong or flawed.

The next part is the verbal reasoning section where the students will be based on their reading comprehension, sentence equivalence and text completion. For example, they will be asked for the word that belongs in the blank.

The verbal portion is the part divided into two separate 30 minute sections which are made up of 20 questions each. The questions on the second portion will depend on how well they did on the first.

The last is the quantitative reasoning section where students must showcase their skills when it comes to problem solving and data interpretation by comparing two quantities and recognizing the relationship between the two.

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