Risk Of Alcoholism Is Higher Among Students Who Stay Longer In College, According To New Survey [Video]


The college years are one of the times when the young people would experiment and get engrossed with alcohol. A new report just revealed that the longer time a college student spends in college, the more likely they are to drink or engage in binge drinking.

According to Alcohol Rehab Guide, 80 percent of college students are consuming alcohol to some degree, and almost half of these students engage in binge drinking. How much more if they stay longer in college?

The survey results from The Tab of almost 2000 college-aged students suggest that the more time these students spend in college, the more they drink on average. The report says that freshmen and sophomores consume roughly 14 drinks per week, 17 when they reach junior year, while seniors and graduate students consume as much as 19 drinks in a week. These are the reported answers of the 2000 surveyed students who have shared their weekly drinking habits.

The Tab's alcohol survey explained that the results actually make sense because freshman students will really be engaged in drinking to exercise their freedom. While those who drink mindlessly during senior year are the ones who do not want to face the reality of what awaits them after graduation.

When it comes to the students' preferred place to drink, the most popular answer is at home but the respondents have reported to be drinking the most when they are out on bars.

While it cannot be pointed out that being in college is the reason why students engage in binge drinking, the survey results are helpful to raise awareness on the risk of alcoholism among college students. This is important so that necessary steps will be taken in order to control or avoid negative consequences of this habit to college students.

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