Cambridge University Adopts a 3-Legged Cat Named Jasper; Helps Relieves Student Stress [Video]


People must have heard how pets can make life happier and stress-free. Well, a three-legged cat that has been adopted by the prestigious Cambridge University just proves it right.

Jasper, a five year old ginger cat is being used to help students find relief from exam stress, BBC reported. He belongs to the deputy librarian of the university, Simon Frost, at the Marshall Library of Economics.

Jasper lost his hind legs when he was hit during a car accident after being abandoned by his owners. That was when he was adopted by Frost. Frost has been bringing Jasper to work since then and Jasper became popular among the students.

There were several events which Jasper became a part of. There was the "tea with Jasper" which attracted more cat lovers. In fact, 140 of them attended, IndiaToday reported. More events that involved Jasper were planned as he is now hailed as the library's official mascot.

Frost told BBC that because Jasper has three legs, he is bouncy just like a tiger. And moving slowly makes him unstable which is why he is a bit speedy wherever he goes.

One librarian Clare Trowell said that students are coming to visit Jasper in the library because of the way he calms them down and relieve any stress in school. Because of Jasper, these students also miss their own pets back home.

There really are many things that a pet can do for their owners. Aside from relieving stress, pets can make pet owner feel happier because they can be very affectionate companions who offer nothing but unconditional love. And having them around can instantly give anyone a huge amount of comfort effortlessly. They are not just helpful for a person's mental health, they also have a profound impact on someone's overall well-being.

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