College Student’s Guide To Choosing SAT Math Test Levels


When taking SAT Subject Tests, it is only imperative to take the tests based on the student's interest, as well as academic strengths. The tests are an excellent way for students to show their interest in specific areas of study, as well as their strong points.

Here's a guide for students in choosing the math test that will suit their needs.

Considering of math abilities

Three years in high school is usually required to serve as the preparation for the exam, and this is also the recommendation of the College Board. Math levels 1 and 2 differ from each other in such a way that Math 1 is more focused on algebraic expressions, coordinate geometry, number sequences and data analysis, according to US News. Math 2 on the other hand covers the same topics but also gives emphasis on logarithmic functions. It is important for students to identify their skills based on these topics and know where they really excel.

Research college requirements

Students must check if the college that they are interested in require a specific subject test to be qualified for admission for their chosen major, according to College Board. Although the college does not really require subject test scores, submitting these scores may also help in their college applications.

Consider issues of time

Students must also consider the time they will be spending in preparation for the test. For students who have very little or no experience at all with the complex math topics, it is advised to take Math 1 test, so that all topics will be covered during the review. Math 2 level tests may be a bit challenging for a self-study because it will require so much time for dedicated review, and cramming is strongly discouraged.

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