Most College Students Agree Instagram Is The Most Narcissistic Social Media App


If there is any place on social media where the most narcissistic people can be found, it would be on Instagram. The social media app broke the 600 million record for the number of users and if college students would be asked, most of these users are narcissists.

According to Newsweek, the social media app which is owned by Facebook, was voted to be the most narcissistic site. The data is based on a survey conducted by the student finance firm LendEDU, among college students.

Instagram was found to have been cited by 64 percent of the 3,700 college respondents, followed by Snapchat at 15 percent, Twitter at 11 percent, and Facebook at 10 percent, Fortune reported.

A statement from LendEDU states that social media sites and applications have been very popular and have been widely used by people who seek to enhance their public image or persona, and it does not matter if what they are portraying are true or not. And in the survey, it is clear that Instagram has defeated other social media sites when it comes to getting the highest number of narcissistic posters.

The 67 percent of respondents have agreed that Instagram seems to have the "unspoken code" wherein a system called "like for likes" exists. It is when people intentionally like posts of people who liked their own.

The LendEDU explained that the habit of "liking" does not necessarily translate to the users genuinely appreciating the post, but it is more of doing the gesture in order to gaining more likes and status. The survey results have also shown that 78 percent of college students said they know people who delete their posts on social media, whether on Facebook or Instagram, of they have not garnered enough number of likes.

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