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Hot Bath Therapy Vs Excercise: The Benefits Are Almost The Same

Mar 22, 2017 PM EDT A study on Hot tub therapy have shown that dipping in a hot bath yields similar benefits as to doing exercise.

Declassified Nuke Test Footage Uploaded on YouTube

Mar 22, 2017 PM EDT Physicists Greg Spriggs, head of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory uploads declassified Nuclear test footages on Youtube.

Conservatives File Lawsuit Against School For Transgender Student Sharing Locker Rooms

Mar 22, 2017 PM EDT Faith-based conservative groups have filed a suit against Boyertown Area School District faculty over transgender student sharing locker rooms in school.

Fake News in Media: How Academics Will End Through Implementation Of New Laws

Mar 22, 2017 PM EDT Academics and Lawyers from different parts of the world desire countries to adopt laws that will impede the spread of fake news in media.

How College Education Help Mold K-Pop Artists To What They Are Now

Mar 22, 2017 PM EDT Kim Seok-Jin, member of the famed, Bangtan Boys or BTS, says education is a major factor for his success. After graduating with a degree in Film from Konkuk University, he is now well equipped to face ...

14 Year Old Child Prodigy Hired by University of Leicester As Math Teacher

Mar 22, 2017 PM EDT Math genius, Yasha Asley,only 14 years old is now creating a buzz as the University of Leicester has employed him to teach math to adults.

Mark Cuban On Finance Management: How To be Fiscally Responsible In College

Mar 22, 2017 PM EDT Mark Cuban, Dallas Marvericks owner shared to student how important finance management is to success.

Breast Cancer Vaccine To Be Produced Through A Five Year Research

Mar 22, 2017 AM EDT New Zealand researchers plan to prooduca a vaccine for breast cancer through a five-year research after receiving $500,000 funding from the Breast Cancer Foundation of New Zealand.

Electronic Sports Competition Slowly Dominating Video Game Market

Mar 18, 2017 PM EDT eSports is now a big thing and is slowly dominating the gaming industry. Before, video games like "League of Legends" are considered a hobby, but now, it is slowly becoming a serious competitive sport ...

Nintendo ‘Sonic Mania’ Delayed Switch Continues Its Game Drought Till Summer

Mar 18, 2017 PM EDT Nintendo Switch suffers another blow as one of its major games, "Sonic Mania" has been delayed until summer. This is a major issue for Nintendo as they lack of games for the Switch will hamper sales ...

PC Building Sim Game - Educational or Simple Waste of Time

Mar 18, 2017 PM EDT A new game is now in the making and it is the build your own PC simulation game and it is now in its alpha testing phase.

MMORPG Game Show How People Act in End-World Scenario

Mar 16, 2017 AM EDT A team of researchers have revealed insights on how people would possibly reach in an end-world scenario after studying behavior of people playing MMORPG.

Game developers Uses Terrible Temptation Most Gamers Experience

Mar 14, 2017 PM EDT Many gamers have the urge to get the most anticipated games the soonest the option to acquire it opens. This is the great temptation that video game developers are using now to lure gamers into buying ...

Tom Clancy’s ‘Ghost Recon’ 2017 Fastest Selling Game Contender

Mar 14, 2017 AM EDT At the end of Q1 of 2017, Tom Clancy's "Ghost Recon Wildlands" is probably the fastest selling game of the year. This is after the game ran second place after "The Division" also a Tom Clancy title, ...

Game Streaming as Profitable as Selling Games It Seems

Mar 14, 2017 AM EDT Many people are literally taking a back seat as they lean back and pay to watch other people play games. This the phenomenon that is peculiarly taking hold of the gaming industry especially online.

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