MMORPG Game Show How People Act in End-World Scenario


A team of researchers have revealed insights on how people would possibly reach in an end-world scenario after studying behavior of people playing MMORPG. The study is controversial as it is among the few studies that uses video games to simulate psychological behavior.

According to the study published on run by the Cornell University. People tend to be more social when confronted by extremely serious events such as the end of the world. This study was done on people who were avid players of video games, especially the MMORPG game "ArchAge". The test lasted for 11 weeks and in that time frame, Scientists have found out that people will be more outgoing and friendly rather than become anti-social and harmful to oneself and others.

Though the study was based upon observations of data records of player actions in "ArchAge", it is an insight on to the mindset of people. Games are poor representations of real-life but in some sense, it can reveal small details on how people think and this is what the study focused on.

The researchers also added that people, in real-life can be observed doing selfless deed, like planting an apple tree even after knowing he or she will die afterwards, because those after their passing would eventually enjoy the fruits. However, end world scenarios are very dissimilar to one's demise, as an end of the world event would have no future generations.

"ArchAge" offers that kind of end world scenario and the study showed that people will indeed, as is recorded in video game's records, will be more social. "ArchAge" is a MMORPG developed by a Korean game company, XL games. The game allows players to be what they be, completely revamping the traditional RPG elements of role play. Here, the game developers attempt to give the players a free-hand on choosing who they want to be and this is what made this game an object of study for science.

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