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Dos and Don'ts for the First Year After Graduation From College

Mar 27, 2023 PM EDT Graduating from college is an exhilarating experience. It's possible that for the first time that you can remember, you are no longer a student. You may feel excited about what life has in store for ...

Dr. Kent Ingle

What Major Should I Choose? 6 Ways to Know Which Degree is Right for You

Mar 15, 2023 PM EDT With so much pressure and with so many potential degrees and majors available, it can be challenging to know where to begin. How can you decide which degree is right for you and feel confident in your ...

Are You Ready to Become a Cybersecurity Expert? Get CompTIA Security+ SY0-601 Certified Today!

Are You Ready to Become a Cybersecurity Expert? Get CompTIA Security+ SY0-601 Certified Today!

Mar 13, 2023 AM EDT CompTIA Security+ SY0-601 certification is a globally recognized credential that equips professionals with the necessary knowledge and skills to protect computer systems, networks, and data from ...

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6 Highest-Paying HVAC Jobs

Feb 22, 2023 AM EST Planning to start a career in HVAC? This article will explore the 6 highest-paying HVAC jobs that have emerged globally thanks to HVAC contractor marketing!

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4 Nursing Specialties to Consider in 2023

Feb 02, 2023 AM EST To help make your decision easier, here are some popular nursing specialties expected to grow in and beyond 2023. Understanding why you need to upskill and what specialty is best suited for your ...

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Top Ways Microlearning Can Be A Gamechanger At A Workplace

Jan 24, 2023 PM EST But why is microlearning so effective in a way that other forms of learning are not? In this article, we'll talk about the major benefits of microlearning at the workplace and consequently find out ...

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5 Reasons to Choose ABSN Over ADN

Jan 19, 2023 PM EST Despite it being a more knowledge-intensive degree, many people hesitate before pursuing an ABSN due to the higher price point and fewer places offering the program. Now, online accelerated BSN ...

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Tips for Self-Promotion and Looking for Opportunities in the Future

Dec 14, 2022 PM EST Think beyond résumés and cover letters - these are basics. Here we collected tips for graduates to help them with self-promotion and finding their first job!

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On the Fence About College? How to Determine if Higher Ed is Right for You

Oct 26, 2022 PM EDT Your parents may be introducing higher education to you as a given or pushing you in that direction. It's a great stepping stone into the adult world, for sure, but if you're experiencing doubts, ...

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How to Start a Business Right Out of College

Oct 10, 2022 PM EDT Starting your own small company isn't something to take lightly nor does it occur overnight. In this article, we'll be going over how you can start a business right out of college.

Dr. Markey W. Pierre

Dr. Markey W. Pierre Leading the Way for Women of Color in Academia

Sep 30, 2022 PM EDT When it comes to business and leadership in academia in the United States, high level positions have been historically held white men. This can make it hard for women and minorities to get ahead, ...

Adam Leipzig

Film Executive Adam Leipzig Offers a New Way to Advance Careers in the Entertainment Industry with MediaU

Sep 22, 2022 PM EDT After seeing this problem firsthand, Leipzig sought to remedy it. This is what led him to create MediaU to accelerate filmmaking careers. MediaU offers multiple courses that students can take online ...

Storyboard That

Reasons to Storyboard Your Business Ideas

Aug 09, 2022 PM EDT The best storyboarding software for business enables you to articulately plan every project step and present the ideas to your team more clearly. Storyboarding creates a linear sequence of visual ...

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What Does and Doesn’t Count as a Nursing CEU?

Aug 05, 2022 PM EDT It's possible to take nursing CEUs from medical centers; many of them even offer these courses to their employees at a low cost or for free. Even with some extra help, though, there are still several ...

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Why You Should Consider a Career Change to Nursing

Jul 22, 2022 PM EDT Fortunately, you can get into nursing through several entry points. For instance, the online direct entry MSN programs best benefit bachelor's degrees graduates who want to switch to nursing. Below ...

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