How College Education Help Mold K-Pop Artists To What They Are Now


K-pop artist, Kim Seok-JIn is among the popular celebrities in Korea, and yet he attributes his success to his education. Seok-jin is one of the members of the Bangtan Boys (BTS), which is one of the most popular boy group in Korea today.

The Korean music industry now hangs almost solely on these K-pop artists, which is dubbed Korea's main export to the world. The industry has gained worldwide attention after a series of k-pop groups have made a name in the international stage. Though in order to become a celebrity, talent, looks and appeal are important, Seok Jin said to Si News, good education is also a major factor to be successful in the industry.

Kim Seok-Jin as posted on Kprofiles, graduated from Konkuk University, though because he couldn't attend his own graduation due to celebrity commitment, hosted his own graduation instead. Seok-Jin has a degree in filmography, which helped him in his career. A lot of artists, especially celebrities are often tempted to forgo education and focus entirely on their career, but for Seok-Jin, education is foremost.

The K-pop idol still remembers the time spent in the university and how the magic of their group first showed. He said that it is during college that the bonds of the best bands are formed. Especially so that K-pop idols are demanded by mainstream society to be multi-skilled celebrities. College gave Seok-Jin the skills to cope with everything in his career and so did his band mates.

Other prominent K-pop artists are also college graduates as well, showing it is still important even for successful celebrities to have good education. Seok-Jin also fully know that their career under the limelight will eventually come to an end and the harshness of real life would bear down. A good education is very important when that time comes.

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