University Herald started operating in 2011, aiming at serving as a news platform for US Universities, as well as numerous major universities worldwide. The site provides students, educators, administers and cultural sectors, business owners, policy makers with latest news on innovation, policy and cultural development, in order to make change in U.S. society and the rest of the world.

As an online publication, University Herald is updated every weekday and brings breaking news from higher education institutions around the world. We commit to offer you up-to-date insight about the post-secondary education, ranging from STEM, campus life, sports, to careers guidance.

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Editor in Chief

Liana Teixeira
Liana Teixeira is an accomplished editor with over a decade of experience in both digital and print media. She excels in crafting high-quality content and developing audience engagement strategies. Before being named Editor-in-Chief of University Herald, Liana held management positions at Business Insider and Hearst Connecticut Media Group.

Her expertise includes innovative storytelling, newsroom management, digital media, social media management, SEO best practices, and full-cycle recruitment. Liana's commitment to journalistic excellence and her ability to lead and mentor teams have consistently resulted in award-winning journalism. She is currently based in Virginia.


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