14 Year Old Child Prodigy Hired by University of Leicester As Math Teacher


Math genius, Yasha Asley, is now creating a buzz as the University of Leicester has employed him to teach math to adults. Yasha is just 14 years old but he is now officially a teaching in math in the said university.

Yasha Asley, a child prodigy came from humble backgrounds. Raised solely by his father, Mousa Asley expresses his heartfelt joy over the success of his son. Having passed a number of math exams, he finished degree level math when he was just eight years old. The BBC have reported in 2012, the genius of Yasha and it catapulted him into the spotlight.

Yasha was able to get a perfect 100 on A-level Statistics, math and pure math. His father added that his son doesn't really exert any effort on solving math problems. It is almost automatic for him, which is extraordinary. Since early childhood, Yasha displayed exemplary skills in numbers, which prompted his father to really hone his son's ability and allowed it to flourish.

According to the Sun, Young Yasha is ecstatic about his current employment, having surpassed other adult applicants for the position in the University of Leicester. Because of his genius, he is now being dubbed as the "human calculator," and continues to marvel students and teachers alike for his inherent grasp of mathematics. At the moment, he will teach tutorial classes for adults on various subjects in math. He is loving his work and joyously told reporters of his glee that he won't need to wear uniforms anymore.

The young genius doesn't have a complete plan on what career he would take but he plans to get his PhD. However, at the moment, he is happy helping other people learn the intricacies of math. Yasha has the gifted ability of taking on problems, analyzing it and explaining it in the simplest way anyone can understand, a true genius in the making.

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