PC Building Sim Game - Educational or Simple Waste of Time


A new game is now in the making and it is the build your own PC simulation game and it is now in its alpha testing phase. The game aims to give people the basic know-how on how to create one's own PC.

The PC simulator game aims to teach people how to build their own pc. The game's goal is to bring a relatively realistic game that will accurately simulate the intricacies of creating one's own PC for whatever use they want to. According to Kotaku, the game is in its pre-alpha stage but a demo of the game can be downloaded by everyone.

This is in line with various PC games under the simulation niche that have slightly dominated the market today. This PC simulation game is intended to give players the chance to be familiar on the parts of the computer as if one is building one in real life. According to PCgamer, the game at the moment has still a lot to improve. Many icons are just placeholders and many of the gameplay is still under development. However, the game will somewhat resemble the mechanic simulator and other simulation games that focus on piecing together parts.

As critics look at this game, one can see that this is not a simple simulation game as it can be used in real life. This may be a step forward into integrating video games and education. Hardware tutorials can be done through this game, especially if the finished game would include real parts and devices which one can actually buy on the market. The possibilities are massive with this type of game and one might imagine that if this PC simulation game would become a success, this might usher in a plethora of games of this nature and would be the true age of video game integration in education.

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