Nintendo ‘Sonic Mania’ Delayed Switch Continues Its Game Drought Till Summer


Nintendo Switch suffers another blow as one of its major games, "Sonic Mania" has been delayed until summer. This is a major issue for Nintendo as they lack of games for the Switch will hamper sales considerably.

The news of the delay was a huge let down to fans of the Switch who are hoping to have "Sonic Mania" to tinker with after finishing the new Zelda game.  Polygon reported that Sega, as a way to quell the disappointment of fans released a peek on the upcoming games for Switch and a revealed a new level for the delayed Sonic game.However it is still a real downer for sonic fans everywhere who are looking forward to this game being released this spring. 

"Sonic Mania" is supposed to be the first Sonic game for the Switch, which is Sega's flagship franchise, but it still has to happen. PCgamer added that there is still no clear launch date for the game but only the rather vague summer 2016 announcement coming from Sega.

The effect of this delay is huge because no matter how epic "Legend of Zelda Breath of the wild," it is not enough to single-handedly carry the entire gaming platform to success. The list of games for the Switch is severely limited at the moment and this will undoubtedly affect sales of the gadget. However, as an appeasement to the dismayed fans, Nintendo also revealed new upcoming games for the Switch. Including are another Sonic game called, "Sonic Forces."

It might be that the delay was a blessing in disguise, but at the moment, the blessing seems to be not apparent. However, Nintendo is still in high hopes that the Switch would be the next start for the revival of this legendary company. "Sonic Mania" is set for release this summer for the PS4, PC and Xbox One.

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