Game developers Uses Terrible Temptation Most Gamers Experience


Many gamers have the urge to get the most anticipated games the soonest the option to acquire it opens. This is the great temptation that video game developers are using now to lure gamers into buying anything they sell, and sadly, even defective games.

Video game releases are among the highly-anticipated moment in a massive market that is estimated to be already worth $36 billion according to PC Gamer. Triple A games such as "No Man's Sky" is a prime example of this, in that even if the release date took years after its announcement, the moment it was released, people rushed to buy it.

This terrible temptation is what game developers capitalize on. Gamers are somewhat easily lured by new games, even though many of them hasn't finished the video game they recently have bought. It is a sad reality that the hobby and even passion of people can sometimes be abused. According to Polygon's Ben Kuchera, some companies uses the pre-order scheme to sell possibly downgraded games to an unsuspecting public.

There are indications that video game titles people saw in events such as E3 are not exactly the same game released on retail. Aside from this, most games encounter bugs and glitches on day one release and it is sometimes unacceptable to have such defects in an expected polished game.

Though not all video game developers use this scheme, it is not an uncommon tactic. Pre-ordering stuff with the promise of extra content, which should be in the game in the first place, are techniques used to take the customers money immediately. The video game industry is among the largest and fastest growing market today and tapping the mother load will really cash in the chips. So, as advised by Polygon, for the love of god, please do not pre-order.

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