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SANFL Rd 22 - Port Adelaide Magpies v Wests

Sports Analytics Bachelor Degree, First in The US: Highly Marketable or Overly Specific?

May 12, 2016 AM EDT If you like programming, love sports, and wish to learn more about both subjects, you can now pursue a degree in Sports Analytics.

Pills overdose

Opioid Addiction: Root Cause Found; Not From Prescription Abuse, Study Finds [INFOGRAPHICS]

May 12, 2016 AM EDT A new study shows that people with opioids addictions are likely to have a higher-risk of abusing drugs in first place.

iPhone user

ADHD Symptoms Identified in Smartphone Users: Study Suggests Ways to Treat Disorders

May 11, 2016 AM EDT In January 2007, Steve Jobs launched original iPhone and said, "This will change everything." Well, it does change everything, including our health.

Teen robot future science

Are Scientific Studies Just Scams? HBO's John Oliver Fact-Checks, Finds Amusing Results [WATCH FULL VIDEO]

May 10, 2016 AM EDT "A study that boring," John Oliver begins his comment describing a scientific finding in chocolate consumption benefit during pregnancy, which he considered ridiculous.

Leicester City v Everton - Premier League

Neuroscientists on Sports: Picturing Yourself Winning Could Actually Make You Win [VIDEO]

May 09, 2016 AM EDT Leicester City could be playing the mind games to win the match. Neuroscientists backed the victory with explainable theories, far beyond technical.

Swimmers in Triathlon

More Girls Drop Out of Sports for Breast Bounce Reason, Study Says

May 05, 2016 AM EDT More girls are dropping out of sports and it is not because of gender discrimination; but it is how they feel about their breast.

UCLA IOES Celebrates The Champions Of Our Planet's Future - Arrivals

Alphabet Inc. Chairman on 6 Future Technology Trends Prediction: Livestock Replacement Possible

May 04, 2016 AM EDT Eric Schmidt prediction lists 6 trends that will become headlines in technology niche for a few years to come. Trend no. 4 is just around the corner!

Ciara, Martin Luther King III, Jordan Smith, Paula Abdul, Nico & Vinz And J.R. Martinez Come Together At WE Day Illinois To Celebrate The Power Young People Have To Change The World

Teacher Appreciation Week: Teaching Interest Declines; Business Deals Increase

May 03, 2016 AM EDT Teacher Appreciation Week is celebrated on May 1-7. How Americans value the teachers?

'Frauchen und die Deiwelsmilch' Photocall

When Movies Influence Enrollments: How Cinemas Help Students to Choose Universities

Apr 28, 2016 AM EDT Prospective students and parents should now 'go see movies' to decide which university to choose.

Hillary Clinton Holds Pennsylvania Primary Night Event In Philadelphia

Students with College Degrees are More Liberal, Study Says

Apr 28, 2016 AM EDT Could it be a sign of elite phenomenon?

Steve Jobs illustration

5 Powerful Presentation Techniques You Can Learn From Steve Jobs [VIDEO]

Apr 27, 2016 AM EDT The late Steve Jobs is highly recognized as the man behind Apple's revolutionary products. For the past few years, many have published stories on his careers and inventions. But people forget that ...

Pepsi Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show

Beyonce New Album Lemonade: Special Dedication for Black Women?

Apr 27, 2016 AM EDT Beyonce is sending a powerful message to the world with her new album, Lemonade. And this is what she is trying to say.

The New York Times Schools For Tomorrow Conference

4 Ways Online Course Teaches You About Being Professional

Apr 26, 2016 AM EDT It may be a completely different learning compared to attending a class in a room. However, students can get the benefits of learning in an online program that would help them succeed at work.

New Nixon Papers Released

3 Reasons is Not Reliable Anymore

Apr 22, 2016 AM EDT Aside from its social networking benefits, is doubted whether it is suitable for all.

Job interview

How To Be Qualified At Any Job? Experts Answer

Apr 15, 2016 AM EDT Many of college students relate to the idea of a dream job, but after reading the description, feeling that there's no way you'd be hired. To have an amazing job, according to experts, you only need ...

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