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Teacher Appreciation Week: Teaching Interest Declines; Business Deals Increase


Teacher Appreciation Week is celebrated on May 1-7. Many gratitude expressions from students and family may be streaming the lines this week alongside businesses that offer freebies and other privileges especially for teachers.

How do Americans value teaching profession?

Hard-working teachers are often praised only by parents and students who happen to be taught by them; but teachers rarely have a place in a global spotlight. Hence, the dedicated week is to honor their profession as practitioners. In contrast to the appreciation, teaching interest is said to experience a decline.

More students are Not interested in teaching career

In 2014, students who were taking ACT college entrance exam, were asked about their future career decision. The chart shows, only 5 percent of them are planning to be involved in teaching profession. Compared to the data in 2010, there were approximately 106,000 students (7 percent) planned to be teachers.

The drop initially indicates a negative interpretation in the profession. Supporting the finding, Teach Strong conducted a survey and found that US citizens perceive teachers as librarians. And surprisingly, 3 of 4 US adults feel that the profession is undervalued. Furthermore, the research also found that China is more appreciative to teachers, seeing the profession in the same level as doctors.

Teacher Appreciation Week means business deals and freebies

While the IBTimes lists some student-guide to cheap gift ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week, businesses are offering appreciations for teachers by coming up with big deals. Banana Republic offers 15% discount exclusively for teachers and students. Chipotle also offered 'buy one get one' deal for teachers and education staffs that bring their school ID on May 3. Durham's Washington Duke Inn & Golf Club gave away entrée for those who can present valid teacher ID. Sandbar Breeze Ice Cream extends its 50% offer till May 7 for homemade ice cream if teachers bring their valid ID.

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