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Jameis Winston

College Football Bowl Game Predictions: 5 Matchups You Will Not Want to Miss

Dec 26, 2013 PM EST Bowl season is here for college football, giving us all matchups we may not get to see in regular season play and with the set of games comes everyone's guesses ay who will win which game.

Nick Saban and Johnny Manziel

College Football 2013: The Season's 5 Best Single-Game Performances, Which Freshman QB Not Named Winston Made the List?

Dec 26, 2013 PM EST College football has seen some memorable performances, both in statistical and morale value.

College Affordability - President Obama

Top 10 News Stories On America's College Campuses in 2013, Part 2 of 2

Dec 23, 2013 PM EST Perhaps the most prevalent and most troubling trend of all in 2013 was the several schools that were met with federal complaints for not properly addressing reports of sexual assault.

Student Studying

Finals Week Study Tips: Top 5 Ways to Make Sure You Ace Your Exams

Dec 10, 2013 PM EST Finals week is here for the winter semester and, though it may only be a few days, the tests and essays can be severely daunting for any student.

College Students

Top 10 Tips For College Freshman

Aug 20, 2013 AM EDT College can be intimidating for incoming freshman or it can be thrilling; either way, anyone starting school will need some advice, or "hacks" to get by.


Spurrier Wants College Players to Earn as much as $4,000 a year

May 31, 2012 PM EDT Spurrier says his fellow SEC coaches support the idea of players receiving 'full-cost' scholarships.

Hometel travel

Hometel Travel Helps College Students Vacation For Less

May 25, 2012 PM EDT Hometel offers a travel experience that serves as an alternative to hotel stays. Whether one is searching for a couch to crash on, or a house to rent with friends, Hometel Travel has a variety of ...

Dean of Financial Aid Joe Paul Case and Dean of Admission Tom Parker

An Amherst Q&A on Paying for College

May 22, 2012 PM EDT Throughout their decades-long careers, Thomas H. Parker and Joe Paul Case have engaged in hundreds of conversations about the cost of higher education.

Is your college or university using Facebook to monitor you?

Facing Facts About Facebook: Your School May be Monitoring You

May 22, 2012 PM EDT Whatever you say can be used against you. Especially on Facebook.


Q&A: Stanford Professor David Plank on the budget and California's K-12 education system

May 16, 2012 PM EDT A new report by Stanford's nonpartisan research center, PACE, finds that the budget crisis crippled attempts to increase spending on students and snuffed out appetite for reform.

No more out-of-state tuition rate for children of undocumented parents

Parents just say no to college tuition

May 15, 2012 PM EDT Tracy Repchuk's three children are still in grade school, but she's already got college funding figured out. The Repchuk kids are 14, 15, and 16 and when they head off to college in a few years, ...

Zakaria: 'Extraordinary Opportunity' Awaits Graduates

Zakaria: 'Extraordinary Opportunity' Awaits Graduates

May 14, 2012 PM EDT A leading analyst of global politics told Duke University's newest graduates Sunday they are entering an "astonishingly peaceful" era whose "extraordinary opportunity" should not be obscured by ...


Stern Advice-Good student debt, bad student debt

May 11, 2012 PM EDT It wasn't that long ago that high school seniors and their parents met astronomical college loans with a shrug and a signature: Whatever it took to send junior to his "first choice" school was a small ...

Studying school quality, to fight inequality

May 10, 2012 PM EDT Education has long been perceived as a great leveler in the United States, providing opportunities throughout society. But at a time of economic struggle, millions of people are wondering if the ...

Divided Congress likely to agree on student loans

Divided Congress likely to agree on student loans

May 07, 2012 PM EDT One way or another, the Congress seems certain to prevent a low interest rate for federal student loans from doubling on July 1, aides and analysts say, largely because lawmakers do not want to rile ...

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