How To Be Qualified At Any Job? Experts Answer


Many of college students relate to the idea of a dream job, but after reading the description, feeling that there's no way you'd be hired. To have an amazing job, according to experts, you only need to fake it till you make it.

When responding to job requirements, it takes a twist of your wordings and a trick to be confident without having to lie to your future boss.

Sell your skills, not your previous job

Aliza Licht, Donna Karran's PR shares precious lessons for those starting their career journey. Author of 'Leave Your Mark: Land Your Dream Job. Kill It in Your Career. Rock Social Media' advices the readers not to be tempted in telling the 'truth'. As much as you want to be honest about a position you know nothing about, it is wise to go with an experience that can help you with this new job.

For instance, if you worked as a cashier in grocery store previously, you would want to tell the interviewer how it allows you to have excellent customer service and communication skills. Handling huge amount of cash daily has made you a responsible person.

If you can't be confident, at least you sound confident

Getting nervous during a job interview is a common thing but a firm handshake and story about your experience would make you sound confident even if your heart rate increases. Human Resources director, Mary Griffin, can directly tell if a job seeker is not confident as they often look down or look away instead of making eye contact. She says that lacking of eye contact is a sign of nervousness. "Look at a spot between the eyes," Griffin explained. It should make you look as if you are making eye contact.

Sometimes, it's just 'an overly detailed' job description

Licht told Business Insider how job descriptions are sometimes fictional. She does believe that job descriptions could be intimidating once read. However, she points out on how job seekers should focus on "skills that fit." Most of the time, people are more qualified than they think they are.

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