Students with College Degrees are More Liberal, Study Says


A recent survey on political views shows that Americans with college degree tend to lean on liberal side. The finding explains a significant relation between adults with postgraduates experience and liberal political values.

In the statistic created in 2015, 31 percent of postgrads are consistently liberal and only 10 percent shows support to the counterpart. Those with no higher education experience, however, mostly have a mixed political value. Only 5 percent, the least amount leaning to the left.

After covering opinions and conducting survey, the new study concludes that highly educated people have consistently liberal views. The Pew Research Center also finds that 54 percent Democrats postgraduates express consistency in liberal view. It has a considerable leap since the 2004 data recorded only 34 percent of them leans on liberal.

The statistics may not represent the whole idea but it can indicate that college degrees may influence their thinking on political ideology. The respondents of the survey include doctors, lawyers, and other individuals in various fields of education.

Before this finding, many studies have analyzed the implication but the new table shows that there is a gap, ideologically, that tends to grow in American society. The fact that 31 percent of postgraduates consistently choose liberal over the conservative could be a sign of elite phenomenon.

According to the People-Press, there has been an increasing number in ideological difference. The younger generations tend to have more liberal idea than the older people. 45 percent of Millenials are liberal and only 15 percent are consistently conservative. In contrast to the Millenials, older generations are more conservative with only 26 percent of them expressing liberal view.

As for the partisan differences in viewing government's work, both Republicans and Democrats ratings show that the federal government has done a good job in addressing important issues such as keeping the country safe and responding to natural disasters.

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