Alphabet Inc. Chairman on 6 Future Technology Trends Prediction: Livestock Replacement Possible


Alphabet Inc Chief Executive, Eric Schmidt, is a technology expert known for his accuracy in predicting the future trends in technology. This time, he lists 6 trends that will become headlines in technology niche for a few years to come. Trend no. 4 is just around the corner.

1. People eat less meat

According to Schmidt, people will be more dependent on plant-based nutrition which means, they will eat less meat as a source of nutrition. The consumption cut will also result in reduced greenhouse effect.

2. Technology will be used in extensive ranges of learning courses

Technology, according to the academia, is a medium that can help better learning. Microsoft has started layering education process after sending Minecraft to classrooms. The CNN Money reported that teachers can use Minecraft to teach anything from math to geography. And for the students, they can work inside or outside of the class. Schmidt highlights this trend as a personalized aid that can help teacher-student to find their own effective ways in learning.

3. 3D Printer that reduces project cost and saves time

With the birth of 3D printers, it will help to accurately structure a building using recyclable materials. This means, industries can print huge size of 3D prints for residential and commercial buildings. It will save more time and energy.

4. The cars that self-drive

There are only a few numbers of autonomous cars available today but many manufacturers are looking forward to affordable vehicles that will enable self-driving mode and reduce accidents. Schmidt has a reason of saying this since Google has teamed up with car maker, Fiat Chrysler in developing self-driving cars.

5. Health kits on smartphones

Apple has launched ResearchKit and Carekit - the platforms that enable users to monitor symptoms and keep tabs on medication process, as reported by Tech Crunch. Technology will have a huge influence in empowering medical sector.

6. VR and Augmented Reality will grow big by numbers; not only in video games but also in various industries

The VR has taken entertainment to another level and the augmented reality could be playing a huge role in education and vehicle industries. The future of Virtual Reality is clear as for the augmented reality; it will determine its segment soon.

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