Special Scholarship Deal for College: Makes Alma Mater proud of Graduate!


Collin Craft graduates from Muscle Shoals High School and readies for college with scholarship package fee of $136, 000 on hand! Upon his graduation, Collin Craft's parents were not the only ones jumping for joy. That includes his Alma matter, Muscle Shoals too.

Collin Craft is no ordinary student in High School as made evident by an academic history of brilliance, topped by a dozen of friends.

Craft was a campus craft perfected through the years, Times Daily reported.

Progressing to college in the fall, Craft bags in a full scholarship package price of $136, 000, consumable for the 3-year training period at Shelton State Community College where he will be investing on an Applied Science degree in Electrical Technology.

From the long array of 15-20 applicants in Muscle Shoals, it was Craft who peaked in the best achievements making him a potential asset for the college.

Therewith, being a constant partner with the Nucor Technical Academy, the Shelton State Community College was swift to offer the protégé a jaw-dropping scholarship package.

The program offered by the college, though sweet-sounding, is an absolutely competitive one. Besides the rigorous training every half a day, the grantee will have to work his way off to ROI in another half, Times Daily again reported.

Subsequently, the administration deserves to do so since its offer is more than sufficient for Craft to sustain in the 3-year training period.

Accordingly, the package covers tuition, miscellaneous fees, boarding and other expenses deemed necessary within the training period. 

As per background assessment, the Shelton State Community College is in for an even sharper turn this year with its brand new Interim leader, Cynthia Anthony introduced, Tuscaloosa  reported.

Anthony's turn-over to the position called in loud applause from Shelton officials due to her tenure's promise of focusing strongly on academic transition through quality Academic budget accumulation.

Aiding the Shelton State Community College is its stronghold, Nucor Technical Academy which happens to be one of the leading technical corporations based in the U.S.

Nucor will be playing a major role in Craft's college life as it is the area responsible for providing both training and work to the soon-to-be freshman!

Meanwhile, celebrations have been clamoring in the proud Muscle Shoals High School campus since Craft's graduation. After all, it was the school that nurtured Craft's passion in Electrical Technology in the first place!

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