Applying to Top Universities in US & UK: Not a Big Deal


The top universities themselves usher bidding students from all over the world with their own easy admission tips by releasing statements to selected press sources.

A few academics and education analysts in US and UK had found the stereotype of the western working mindset- the electiveness of finishing a degree, long dead.

By all means, an academic title-Meritocracy that is, is and has always been a sine qua non to profound fulfillment of the self; a self that is geared to amassed globalization and acculturation, Bloomsbury restated.

The top colleges like Harvard, Stanford, Williams, etc. have luminous academic figures aiming to lend a hand to the globalizing many by offering very basic admission methods effective in all the top universities in the US and UK, Times Higher Education reported.

These figures/selectors further hint association with 5 more colleges this 2016.

This is in response to the world's growing demand for not only increased number of professional workers but also increased quality in their outputs, UCAS implied.

Interestingly this year, the tones of the top academic admissions are belting even higher notes addressed to both international and national applicants.

As particular education analysts would put it- this is a very smart move among top universities this year because it can eventually expand their doorways for more global-impacts and of course, benefit them at the helm of the Academic Union.

The basic tips are simplified even more to a concise number of 7. For the applicants to be able to admitted, they have got to apply, have good grades, have extra-curricular or cultural affiliations, have genuine interest in the university, have empowered and a self-motivated characters, have general proofreading and organizational skills and most of all, have a maintained and genuine world-view, Times Higher Education enumerated.

But beyond these DIY-like tips and pointers, there is a much bigger leap at bay- the world will never see the concept of obtaining an academic title the same way again.

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