GIPS Legendary Superintendent: Gets a Nod from Colleagues and Students


After serving the Grand Island Public Schools (GIPS) and the inclusive school districts for many years, Superintendent Rob Winter earns one of the biggest Academic honors ever offered to an academic official!

Subsequently, a number of Winter's close friends and family, colleagues and even students met up for an event in the recently branded Commons Area for Shoemaker Elementary last Friday.

The event was glimmered with a dozen of speeches and salutatory gestures addressed to Winter by his colleagues. 

The theme and motif was deepened by audio-visual presentations made of Winter's own personal memoirs-from his marriage to family and office moments, much to the bewilderment of Winter himself.

Rob Winter had served the GIPS and the inclusive school districts for almost 5 years now.

And thanks to Winter, grand rates of academic milestones in GIPS have been successfully conquered.

All these took place altogether while Winters managed a mesh of responsibilities within his personal, family and academic life. 

As of today, prior to the opening last Friday, the celebration of Winter's academic legacy continues.

Many academic officials assigned in these districts intended the honoring event to be as it is in order for the GIPS to project a standard to the majority of the academic officials throughout the country.

For a public schools center that employs about 1,500 staff members and manages approximately 9,000 students over a school year, having an empowered superintended whose got all things together is a must, the GIPS Org stated.

The whole event has so much to reckon with, namely the several citations over Winter's professional command, his persuasive role at the verge of the successful vote call for the $69.9 million bond issues and most especially is his latter initiatives that always improve upon his former whenever faced with unprecedented budget cuts, the Independent reported.

Presently, the legendary superintended continues with his daily business, pitching academic OKRs over a fun-filled desk-meeting with his constituents in Nebraska. 

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