MU Censured to the Teeth: AAUP Academics Call for Due Process! [VIDEO]


Following the unjust dismissal of Melissa Click from University of Missouri (MU), the AAUP finally calls in a council and proceeds to cast a vote putting MU in the censure list!

The American Association of University Professors (UAAP) appears as the world's biggest group of academics in 2016 and currently consists of the more than 500 members on-line and off.

The AAUP was quick to check on Clicks' case, probing further on MU's process of dismissing the professor and was able to conclude that no due process was involved in the action, Daily Caller reported.

The association was also smart enough to have oscillated both sides of the coin before making the decision by shedding some light on the actual unfolding over Click's offensive action.

Melissa Click had been called forth for her unprecedented action of attacking a student journalist during a protest in the said university during the summer of 2016, the Daily Caller reported.

While showing no distaste or favor at Click's offense, the association calls the MU for a neutral yet just "reconsideration" over Click's dismissal.

Voting members of the AAUP imply that having voted the university in the censure list does not necessarily mean an end to the stream. In fact, what the association only proposes with its action is a fair and just trial for Click.

After all, they have already given its "fair warnings" to the university.

The association released a statement, putting Click in the pedestal, saying Click, though aggressive by her action is still a victim of curtailed academic rights and "sinister racial agenda".

Despite such conclusive-sounding statement, the association believes that such statement is bound to end up in the two sides of the coin- one, it can forever be true for the MU being a black-listed brand or two, it can eventually trigger MU administration to call back quits and review Click's case.

The association makes it clear that such conviction is neither intended to objectify MU's untiring efforts of protecting its name over the years, nor sympathize solely on Melissa Click as a victim per se.

As is stated earlier in May, the AAUP is focused in one thing and one thing only, and that is to protect the academic freedom.

The association also recalls to have warned the university that once their appeal goes unheeded, lashing consequences will definitely end up their door.

Meanwhile, the MU may have already fired Click and continues flowing upstream, but the AAUP barks in its "we-told-you-so" accent leaving a prophetic sting in MU's future, much to its indifference.

MU officially fired Click from her position as an assistant professor of communications last February, 2016, Fox News reported.

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