Luxury Car Buying & Trading Trend: Geared-Up Chinese-American Students


Upon making it for the first time in America for academic reasons, Michael Kwan had since hit it hard on luxury cars and decides to speed that a bit into a profession for now!

In fact, Kwan has landed great for such trend that finds it worthy to cite him as a modern example for students, specifically the foreign students, to stand confident in achieving their own versions of the American dream, BBC reported,

But such feat by Kwan and many other Chinese luxury car owners or traders in America credit not the mere platitude of the rich and famous, but rather the value of smart thinking and academic discipline.

For the record, most of the Chinese car owners in America generally hold scholarship badges from a number of sophisticated Universities in America.

And looking at the success of Michael Kwan's career in the car trading business, one can see a very proud "University of Illinois" standing behind.

The story of Michael Kwan's healthy attraction to cars began when he was still a Chinese-mainland freshman in the University of Illinois who had practically no further idea on how to make a turnabout of the excess from the generous budget his parents allotted him.

What Kwan did was a very good move that led to speedy luxurious results.

And, the rest was history.

From the very first $80,000 "Cadillac Escalade" he bought, he now finds himself trading with "Nissan GT-Rs", "Maserati Quattroporte" and "2012 Mercedes SLS" with his co-collectors and traders in the "New York Auto Depot", Smile Politely enumerated.

It was an expensive lifestyle, that is-- but it also promises expensive turnabouts.

And such financial turnabouts have very less to zero drawbacks!

The New York Auto Depot currently remains one of the biggest Auto Trading business site in America to date, BBC reported.

As to the rest of the Chinese-mainland students in America, they must owe their current and future successes to three important wheel-setters in motion-- their Chinese entrepreneurial heritage, the glorious array of luxury cars available in the country and the motivating Universities they are enrolled at in America. 

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