Academics to U.S. Policy-makers: Implement Increased Gun Bans!


The Academic institutions, common victims to mass shootings and other acts of terrorism initiate research and join the courts in making a conclusion to increase the ban on weapons.

Of all the domains that are bound to empathize with the victims of the recent massacre in Orlando, academics prove to be the most eligible. 

For an arresting fact- there had been, since 2013, at least 188 school shootings in the country; averaging to almost 1 shooting incident in a week, Every Town reported.

And now, joined hand-in-hand by grieving families, political analysts, as well as religious and court figures, the academics confidently spew out implicit blames to the U.S. policies.

But instead of fanning the fire to inevitable blame-game shenanigans, the academics finally initiates legal research, delving deeper into the nitty-gritty of the "U.S. gun laws".

As expected, the courts are working on the best means of speeding up the legal process to attain genuine legal closure and, of course, direct implementation of the laws.

Since disputes are inevitable in legal proceedings and court investigations, academics thereunto plea for the volatile NRA denizens and other advocates to bear with the whole effort with an open-mind.

For instance, in the case of Pres. Obama's tag of the AR-15-style rifle used in curtailing 50 lives in Orlando as an assault weapon, many are actually dissing the statement, the Atlantic City Lab reported.  

In the light of this matter, careful investigation and research is being pushed through by a specific group of Colombia University researchers and a few court representatives.

And the findings of this research are being highlighted by a conclusion that reveals decreased firearm deaths from increased implementation of laws targeting multiple firearms restrictions.

There had been mixed reactions from denizens, advocates and critics to this move. But as much as the academics are concerned, they are to do what they know is best for the country and its people.

For that noble cause, whether it is to amend or totally change the U.S. gun laws, the academics stand strong in uniting the country against terrorism. 

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