Sports Company gets Freshened-up: A much more defined Package!


Relativity Sports gets a new name and this time- it's even made better!

From Relativity Sports to Independent Sports and Entertainment (ISE), the company has taken such a big leap by fusing sports and entertainment, Forbes reported.

Like any other brands, the former Relativity Sports found it necessary to heave in some fresh starts away from the prying eyes of the Relativity Media.

At first glance, the internal marketing system for sports has not really quite changed, only the entertainment quality. Along that, Hank Ratner joins in the take-over wagon as the new President and CEP of the ISE.

Conspicuous in the media, the Relativity Sports had been through hell lately, grappling resources to redeem itself from the bankruptcy curse handed down by its parent companies.

What the former management eyed on as a weakness worth checking out by the latter was its old-fashioned entertainment and media strategies.

It was right to do so since it was merely focused on sports all those times without fresh marketing ideas. 

For that very reason, the collaborating stakeholders finally jump-started a quick freshening-up, a $30 million deal with marketing tycoon Ron Burkle and an integrated sports, media, entertainment and management company, Variety reported.

The official signing with the new investors, agents and clients took place last Monday. What followed after was a strong surge of media frenzy and a renewed company brand.

As of today, the company continues with its TV operation by sticking with the same sports category presentation.

But as promised by launching leaders, Andrew Marcus and Tom Forman, more TV coverage for upcoming sports will definitely be pouring in this year!

Moreover, the all-new ISE sports program hints a lot of surprises along its path- a firm marketing and endorsement of sports products, a longer coverage of reality clips and sports events, a better quality in sports presentation, a more massive distribution of fashion brands and most of all- a more generous association with retail and hospitalities in the country.

The ISE is the height of its media campaigns today, Independent reported.  

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