3 Facts That Say 'Snapchat is Not A Social Media'; CEO Statement Included


Despite the face swap trend that Kardashian sisters have rigorously been using; Evan Spiegel, Snapchat CEO, says that it is not a social media but creative tools.

The 25-year-old entrepreneur stresses the distinctions between Snapchat and the other social media apps. According to the creator, here are 5 of the reasons why Snapchat is not a social media.

It opens to camera

Becoming a speaker at StartUp Columbia event, Spiegel explains how snapchat opens to camera instead of the news feeds. When you want to chat, you swipe it to the right; and when you want to read stories, you swipe the screen to the left. "It sorts of sits in the middle," Spiegel says of Snapchat as reported by Tech Crunch.

'Discover' is editorial stories

When other social media platforms might not use collective contributions of experts, Snapchat's Discover is a world-class journalism media built creatively to tell stories. Introduced in January 2015 by Team Snapchat, it gives a different view of the world with its channels. CNN, Buzzfeed and DailyMail - all are taking part in format that combines different layouts, audio and video to create fun stories in each edition, yet, it is up to date and reliable.

Snapchat sees social media as a platform that somehow 'forces' you to read what is popular, hype or happening - which are contents that get the most shares. Social Media Today learned that Snapchat is different because it involves artists and editors to craft each edition. Thus, it depends on what is important to be acknowledged instead of just what is trending or placing ads. Plus, it is able to hug Millennials, the intended target.

Short-lived contents

According to the Bloomberg, Snapchat is 'fast-growing' but 'confusing'. The idea to have a short-lived content that only lasts 24 hours before it disappears; is unlike any other apps. It snaps raw stories and allows users to choose between uploading it to My Story for others to view or to send it privately to one friend.

And the idea to enhance each story with colorful pens, filters, emojis and different formats; simply lend to its creativity. Snapchat Stories is now a broadcasting platform, according to Spiegel; but it is mainly a camera to communicate.

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