Biotech ‘Lazarus Trial’: Brain Reversal to Bring Dead People Back to Life

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US Biotech company, Bioquark Inc., has just earned an approval to conduct groundbreaking experiment in human brain. Along with a team of neuroscientists from India's Revita Life Sciences, they will test the brains of clinically dead people to learn if the nervous system can be regenerated - in other words, be brought back to life.

The scientists will use stem cells injection, therapies and nerve stimulating procedures in patients at coma stage. 20 patients are identified as clinically dead by the hospital. They live through live support and these scientists will monitor the progress to see if there is any sign of cell regeneration. Mainly, monitoring the spinal cord where it controls breathing and heartbeat.

The experiment will be conducted in Anupam Hospital, Uttarakhand India, as published in PR Web. The proof of concept purpose is mainly to learn more about brain stem death, in which a person loses consciousness and is no longer able to breathe without live support. However, scientists do not limit the possibility to a fully recovered patient, although it would take a long term research to find out. The trial is part of the bridge that eventually leads there.

Dr. Dean Burnett of Cardiff University says that similar test has actually been done in the previous years. However, neuroscientists find that brain is irreparable and how they assume it is fixable through reversal process - seems to be far from result.

Bioquark president Sergei Paylian explains that this experiment gives a new insight of human brain death. It will be benefit for future treatments and therapies especially for patients in coma. According to Edgadget, researchers compare human's body with some animals that can re-grow their body parts. Hence, they hope of the same thing through the test - to erase history and restarting life.

If this Lazarus trial succeeds somehow, this will be the biggest revival process in history. What do you think?

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