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Bitcoin News: Creator Satoshi Nakamoto is Australian with Doctorate in Theology


Bitcoin finally unlocks mystery that haunted the digital world due to its anonymous founder. The crypto-currency is much of a controversy. Craig Steven Wright who earned a doctorate degree in theology has confessed to public as the mastermind behind Bitcoin.

Bitcoin grows to become virtual money with high security feature and people have came up with many individuals working behind it. For all this time, the public knows him by a Japanese name, Satoshi Nakamoto. The alias that Australian man, Craig Wright, has been using all along.

Announcing his 'real name' in official blog, Wright says that he has been silent but not absent. He seems to have thought about his public persona, Satoshi, for quite some time before finally reveals it.

Quoting his statement, "Satoshi is dead" - he refers it to the beginning of sharing the remarkable work of cryptographic process to the public. Wright who owns a doctorate degree in theology, explains in his blog, that signing a paper with "Craig Wright" will mean differently to signing with "Craig Wright, Satoshi". He quotes 1964 Jean-Paul Sartre who said that signing himself as 'Jean-Paul Sartre' is not the same thing as if signing with 'Jean-Paul Sartre, Nobel Prizewinner'.

The quest in finding Nakamoto can be traced back in 2013 when David Kleiman, computer expert, died but he was related to Wright's Bitcoin in some ways possible, as Gizmodo reported. The Australia government also did an investigation to Wright's home in Sydney but his presence somehow was declared a hoax that only generated more speculations on the candidates.

One of the Bitcoin Foundation directors, Jon Matonis, is convinced that Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto as the Australian is said to satisfy category checklists of technical data, social lines and cryptographic source, Tech Times has learned.

Bitcoins transaction increases by volume as recorded by the CNet. The anonymous transactions fit condition for money laundering since it is highly secured and prevent any government intervention.

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