4 Benefits of The New 'iPhone Upgrade Program'; Customers Can Have a New Phone Every Year at Home


iPhone Upgrade Program was introduced last year for users to have a new phone every 12 months. However, the service came with a hassle as users needed to come to an Apple retail store for that.

Available for online purchase

The good news; now the program is available online. Introducing iPhone Upgrade Program for online purchases, now users can avoid the hassle of walking in to Apple retail store just for an upgrade. Unlike the rumors on iPhone 7 which the giant company hasn't confirmed the truth yet; the availability of 'upgradable phone online' is a breath of fresh air for iPhone users so far.

Low monthly payment plans

MacRumors released an article of the program, stating the price starts from $32.41 for one month (for 16 GB iPhone 6S). Apparently the iPhone Upgrade Program has not been made available for the new iPhone SE.

The CNET also adds an explanation on the Upgrade Program benefits, mentioning that the users are also free to choose the carrier based on the rate plan. They can also reset payments. When you purchase an iPhone, the program allows you to 'break free' from a multiyear service contract.

Get a new iPhone every year

Reflecting the change, Apple iPhone page also updated its content; featuring the pricelist of the payment plans. According to the website, the Upgrade Program lets users to swap phone for a new one, every year, in an easier way.

iPhone protection with AppleCare+

In addition, the Apple Care Plus extends the coverage for security and hardware repair, up to two years.

Away from the older practice, customers do not need to walk in an Apple Store just to get their phone upgraded. This way, customers can have the latest edition without having to pay a full payment upfront.

As for now, it's time to choose which iPhone Upgrade Program is right for you.

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