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'Half Life 3' News Update: Game Installment Discontinued?


Half Life 3 has been played since 1998. After the rumors of its new installment being developed; fans have to be satisfied with a disappointing possibility that there could be no Half Life 3.

It takes two to Tango. Given the fact that talented designer, Marc Laidlaw, refused to continue working with the team; Valve as a game developer would need to find another talent that fits the position. That might need to have the same passion as Laidlaw in first place.

Many have questioned the future of their favorite shooter video game. Twitter has taken it seriously with the presence of an account dedicated to the Half Life 3 updates - the 'Half Life 3 Out Yet'.

Meanwhile, another speculation has emerged; suggesting that the game might be in a development state and should come out one day. The News Independent published an article on Half Life 3 said that it could be switching to VR platform. It describes new and more exciting features including action sequences in VR environment - which gives better gaming experience.

Since the VR community is getting doubled by number, it could be true that Valve the creator would migrate to VR headset. The virtual reality for Half Life 3 rumor is closely related to Steam - the company behind HTC Vive VR that is said to have a budget of nearly $100 million, reported by the Verge.

With the VR community getting more attention from game developers, Valve is expected to release the Half Life 3 in the market. Despite all of the expectations that the fans wish for; Valve is not making any official statement whether to confirm or deny.

Aside the rumors that director JJ Abrams might get involved in the production; fans are more worried of the game's installment cancellation.

As for now, the fans are eagerly waiting for the updates on VR feature of Half Life 3.

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